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About Us

Who We Are

Circle Home Furniture Bank, an integral part of Circle Home Charity, is dedicated to supporting newcomers to Canada by providing essentials needed to help them create their first Canadian home. Our aim it to create a warm and welcoming environment for those coming from war torn homes they have had to flee.

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Our Goals

Circle Home helpers
"I’m an entrepreneur and philanthropist, when I see a crisis, I want to help, when I see a need,
I want to solve it. This is how Circle Home evolved – together we can
do more.”

Jim Estill, Owner of Danby Appliances and Founder of Circle Home


Board of Directors

Jim Estill

Jim Estill

Lynda Murray

Lynda Murray

Curt Cranfield

Curt Cranfield

Our Volunteers


Our Impact



Individuals were resettled here in Guelph and surrounding areas, helping them establish a new sense of 'home'.


Homes have been furnished, turning spaces into havens of comfort, providing families with hope and possibility.


Pounds of furniture (and counting) have found a new home, as we strive to give a second life to each piece.


Families have been gifted furniture and houseware, turning their spaces into homes filled with warmth.


Pieces of furniture and houseware have found their way back to a 'new' home through our circle of giving.


Community-minded donors have contributed, each donation bringing us one step closer to helping those in need.


Have a Question?


  • What is Circle Home Furniture Bank?
    We are a Charity organization that accepts donations of gently used furniture and housewares delivered to our space. We then sort it and distribute it to Newcomers to Canada that are settling in Guelph and surrounding area.
  • Who can donate to Circle Home Furniture Bank?
    We accept donations from anyone that has something they would like to pass onto a Newcomer family to have and appreciate.
  • What types of furniture items does Circle Home Furniture Bank accept?
    Usually our Newcomers move into small spaces so we would love smaller scale items but we will accept most furniture that is in good condition and does not smell.
  • How do I donate?
    We ask donors to fill out our “Donor Form”, tell us about what you have that you would like to gift to a Newcomers and one of our wonderful volunteers will contact you with details of your delivery.
  • Can I donate furniture that is not in perfect condition?
    We ask that all donations be gently used and free from stains, tear, odours or large damage. We do have very talented volunteers that can fix small problems.
  • Can I volunteer at the Circle Home Furniture Bank?
    We would love to talk to you about becoming involved! The first step is to fill out our volunteer form on our Get Involved page and let us know how you would like to help.

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